Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Going To Hell? Get Your Reservations In Advance.

The Best Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs And Other Accommodations Are Hard To Get Reservations For Unless You Book Well In Advance. Of Course Lawyers Always Get Immediate Preference And Are always At The Top Of The Short List. Hell IS Crowded So You Had Better Prepare To Have Your Reservations In Advance. You Don't Want To Stay In A Hole When You Get To Hell. Be Sure You Have A Deluxe Suite At The Hell Excelsior or Dante's Ritz Brimstone. All Reservations Require Immediate Deposit Of The Full Amount Due Prior to Death. Book Your Reservations Now For A More Rewarding Experience In Hell. Please Make Payments To The International Bank of Karma.

Hell Travel Reservations

Make your reservations before going to Hell. Lawyers are always honored and well received with no need for advance bookings nor reservations and are set to receive unequaled preference for Hell's very best accommodations. Waffling Politicians, on the other hand should make reservations well in advance just in case they later change their minds.